A Day in the Life of a Pype Intern

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A Day in the Life of a Pype Intern

From learning about Pype products and the AEC industry in general to how to run a business, see what "a day in the life" of a Pype intern is all about.

Time Better Spent: How 12 Top Contractors Roll Back the Clock

A dozen of our general contractor partners share their time savings gained from using Pype AutoSpecs and Closeout. What would you do with extra time?

VIDEO: Sundt’s Experience with Pype

Dominic Daughtrey, Continuous Improvement Program Manager, shares Sundt's experience using Pype AutoSpecs.

Construction Career Day

Staci Webber, Customer Success Manager, shares her experience at an elementary school career day.

VIDEO: C.W. Driver’s Experience with Pype

Business Analyst Denise Santos shares C.W. Driver's experience using Pype AutoSpecs and eBinder.

VIDEO: HITT Contracting’s Experience with Pype

Project Manager Chris Jewell and his project team share HITT Contracting's experience using Pype Closeout.

VIDEO: Mortenson’s Experience with Pype

Alison Hart, Mortenson's Manager of Project Solutions, shares her company's experience using Pype AutoSpecs as an enterprise solution.

The Weekly Dig: Disciplined Innovation and Partnerships

The Weekly Dig is an easy-to-digest peek into trending industry topics, thought-leadership, and product updates from Pype.

Roadblocks to Creating Turnover Packages

Creating a turnover package is essential to closing out every project, but without a standard format for the turnover package, this process can easily become a huge pain for a project team.

Lights, Camera, Build!

Jason Gilligan, a recent addition to Pype, shares the parallels he found between construction and film.

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