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AutoSpecs is changing the way submittal logs are created


SpecView puts relevant spec data at your fingertips

With Pype AutoSpec’s newest feature you can easily navigate various spec sections with a straightforward table of contents, view the original spec document of the selected section, and compare it side-by-side to the submittal log. You’ll gain greater visibility into submittals extracted by AutoSpecs and be able to rapidly make any needed edits. SpecView provides improved search and filtering functionality that eliminates the need to remember and perform keyword-based searches of the specs related spec sections.



Spec Versioning

Easily stay on top of submittal changes as your specs evolve

Pype AutoSpecs now allows you to easily keep track of changes between versions and identify modified submittal requirements with a click. It’s as easy as importing the new specs – AutoSpecs automatically identifies and highlights changes. You can even compare the specs side-by-side!



Generate Submittal Logs in Minutes (not weeks)

The days of taking weeks to generate submittal logs are a thing of the past with AutoSpecs.  Our patented software takes a manual, time consuming process and allows you to create submittal logs in minutes.  

As a result, you will . . .

  • Improve accuracy
  • Ensure contract compliance
  • Eliminate  human data entry error
  • Put your team resources to better use
  • Deploy resources faster

One Platform, Multiple Views

With Pype AutoSpecs you don’t just have a submittal log.  You now have immediate access to ALL requirements within a couple clicks.  This means that you can quick drill down by submittal category and even refer back to to the original document.  



Seamlessly Integrate with the
Leading Project Management Platforms

When you are leading a major construction project, you want to be working with best of breed tools.  That’s why we’ve designed Pype AutoSpecs to work effortlessly with leading project management platforms like Prolog, Kahua and Procore.


Our Integration Partners

Bid More Accurately in

We don’t have to tell you that competition is tough for new projects.  Why not show owners that you are serious about winning their business.  

  • Demonstrate thorough mastery of documents BEFORE submission
  • Capture direct and indirect costs required for executing mockups
  • Build procurement schedules from AutoSpecs submittal registers
  • Enable pre-construction staff to dive straight into CSI divisions



Working with Leaders in the Construction Industry