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Top Tech Execs Discuss Cybersecurity with Forbes

Pype’s Co-Founder and CTO Karuna Ammireddy, shares his strategy for generating buy-in for cybersecurity protocols among employees.

CIOReview Magazine Calls Pype a “Game Changer”

Many innovators have entered the construction space with time saving and game changing technologies that refuse to be ignored, and Pype is one of them.

Introducing SmartBuild: New AutoSpecs Feature

Now you can review your submittal log even easier than before. No more back and forth copying and pasting; no more manual data entry.

How Single Sign-on Improves ROI for Company Ecosystems

SSO makes working across platforms much easier, improves user experience, and provides a more secure digital environment.

WEBINAR: Autodesk BIM 360 and Pype Integration

Autodesk and Pype discuss how AutoSpecs can help project teams start faster, finish stronger, and reduce the time it takes to create submittal logs.

Pype in the News | Tech Report 5.0: AI Arrives

Pype AutoSpecs was featured in Building Design + Construction‘s article about technology utilizing AI making huge strides within the construction industry.

WEBINAR: Launching Mobile Construction Technology

Find out how utilizing mobile apps can help bring your team, partners, and job site together to drive growth and elevate your business.

Data Entry Isn’t That Bad… Or Is It?

What risks do General Contractors expose themselves to when they don't fully capture the submittals and requirements needed on the project?

How to Evaluate Submittal Generation Software

Use this free guide to learn about common features and determine what questions to ask during your evaluation of submittal generation software.

Pype Powers-Up PMWEB With New Integration

AutoSpecs’ compatibility with PMWeb means that stakeholders can see the real-time status of submittals, helping them make faster, more economical decisions.

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