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Five Things Most Commonly Missed in Submittal Logs

All items listed in the specifications should be considered essential and are required by the contract. Are you missing these requirements from your log?

Pype, the Original Submittal and Specification Software

If the tech does not fit your workflow, it won’t succeed in providing value.

Automation in the Construction Industry

As one of the last adopters of using artificial intelligence technology, construction technology has nowhere to go but up.

New AutoSpecs Feature: SpecView

Navigate various spec sections with a straightforward table of contents, view the original spec document, and compare it side-by-side to the submittal log.

What is a Submittal Log?

Creating a submittal log is a crucial step early on in the construction process, but what exactly do general contractors use it for?

Understanding Testing and Inspection Requirements on Your Project from Precon to Closeout

The Importance of Integrating Across Multiple Construction Platforms

Point solutions need to integrate into your project management system to maintain the single source of truth.

You Can Never Start Closing Out a Project Too Early

Understanding what the closeout requirements are prior to the end of a project can truly reduce the heartache that is usually associated with closing out.

How Data Analytics is Changing Construction

With the number of analytics platforms available and the digitization of construction data, construction is primed for a change in how it operates.

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