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Pype in the News | Tech Report 5.0: AI Arrives

Pype AutoSpecs was recently featured in Building Design + Construction's article about technology utilizing AI making huge strides within the construction industry.

WEBINAR: Launching Mobile Construction Technology

Advances in mobile applications are helping to push the construction industry forward - while protecting investments.

Data Entry Isn’t That Bad… Or Is It?

What risks do GCs expose themselves to when the Excel doc they haphazardly created doesn’t fully capture the submittals and requirements needed on the project?

How to Evaluate Submittal Generation Software

Use this guide to learn about common features and determine what questions to ask during your evaluation of each platform.

Pype Powers-Up PMWEB With New Integration

Pype AutoSpecs easily exports a complete submittal log compatible with PMWeb’s submittal module.

Five Things Most Commonly Missed in Submittal Logs

Creating a thorough and inclusive log is critical to managing a project efficiently. Can you guess the items most commonly missed in a submittal log?

Pype, the Original Submittal and Specification Software

Pype is the original submittal extraction tool chosen by top ENR contractors to be a trusted part of their workflows.

Automation in the Construction Industry

There are tremendous opportunities to leverage both machine learning and artificial intelligence in automating tedious and costly processes.

New AutoSpecs Feature: SpecView

With SpecView, you’ll gain greater visibility into submittals extracted by AutoSpecs and be able to rapidly make any needed edits.

What is a Submittal Log?

Construction is one of those industries that has a lot of jargon. Pype is committed to making the submittal log process as simple and efficient as possible.

No pressure, let our demo do the talking

Reach out to us and we’ll show you how to shave 40 hours off of your workflow.