Building During COVID-19: News and Resources Digest

With the COVID-19 outbreak impacting both work and personal life for at least the next few months, it’s no surprise that a wealth of news, advice, and other information surrounding best practices in handling a serious health and safety concern have appeared. However, the sheer volume of information available can make it a mind-boggling task to sift through, and one could spend days on one news site alone trying to make sense of it all.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and curated 10 articles, split into two categories based on relevancy, that will help our industry grasp some of the most important information floating around. This is by no means an exhaustive list—it is a global pandemic, after all—but is meant to serve as a jumping off point or a digest so hard-at-work builders can stay up to date to protect their coworkers, friends, and families.

Industry Status and Forecasts

Mapping the Coronavirus Impact on US Construction
Of particular note to contractors doing work in the United States is the position that state regulations have taken over federal regulations in determining new construction procedures during the outbreak. As a result, contractors have to keep track of stay-at-home orders, shutdowns, exemptions, and other orders that can affect construction, which can be a difficult task in and of itself. Fortunately, Construction Dive has assembled and regularly updates an interactive map of each state’s regulations. 
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Consultant Predicts a Post-Coronavirus ‘Construction Tsunami’
“The Fear Curve” model, developed by Keith Prather of Pioneer IQ, predicts that the current decline in construction will rebound into a “construction tsunami” around Q3 of this year. He cites in his analysis a disrupted international supply chain, which after the virus will lead many manufacturers to bring more of that home to the United States and Mexico. As a result, construction can expect to see a reinvestment in the infrastructure to support this—such as warehouses, factories, and transportation networks. 
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COVID-19 in Construction: Crucial Developments & Updates
As the world reacts to the COVID-19 outbreak, the situation changes on a near daily basis, and often even multiple times a day. It’s difficult to keep up with the constantly changing landscape amidst the virus, particularly while focusing on building. In addition to this list, you can also turn to Construction Business Owner’s constantly-updated list of breaking news articles and updates for the construction industry. 
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Construction Trade Unions take Different Approaches to Keeping Workers Safe during Pandemic
Field workers, general contractor teams and trades have the potential to be greatly at-risk of exposure to the virus. As a result, general contractors need to be aware of what steps trade unions are taking to ensure the safety of their members while at work. In this article, Construction Dive takes a look at the different stances unions are taking and how that could affect construction.
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How to Keep Your Business Alive

After a Coronavirus-Related Project Suspension, Take these Steps to Protect Your Rights
As COVID runs its course, projects all across the country are experiencing sudden delays or suspensions as the pandemic ramps up in their area. These unwelcome interruptions can throw a project team or an entire general contractor into disarray, particularly when there’s ambiguity over their rights in these situations. In this guest article, lawyer Roscoe Greene from Cotney Construction Law advises contractors on their rights and responsibilities, and where they should look to get more information.
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How to Prepare Your Business for COVID-19
The aftershocks from the outbreak are still being felt by many businesses as social distancing measures, layoffs, and project suspensions are rocking the industry. As a result, it’s vital that businesses prepare themselves for this disruption and shore up any potential financial vulnerabilities. Construction Business Owner shows you how in this article.
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How to Help Your Employees Cope with the Stress of COVID-19
With such an emphasis placed on how businesses can stay financially afloat during the crisis, it’s important for executives and managers to remember that their employees are equally feeling the stress of the pandemic. Not only does this virus threaten the health and safety of employees and their families, but the uncertainty has also jeopardized their income, career, and retirement. Construction Business Owner has compiled a guide on what businesses, managers, and project leaders can do to help your employees cope with their fear, and ensure your people stay in the best health and mindset during this pandemic.
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Essential or Not, All Construction Requires Enhanced Safety Protocols
Safety is everyone’s job, but in light of the coronavirus outbreak, that job is more vital than ever. Responsible contractors across the country are taking this opportunity to update their safety protocols in response to the outbreak. This guest article penned by Greg Sizemore, the vice president of health, safety, environment and workforce development for Associated Builders and Contractors, helps contractors brainstorm areas where they can improve the health and safety of their project teams, especially in realms that may not otherwise occur to them.
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OSHA Announces Interim Enforcement Response Plan to Protect Workers During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Amidst the myriad of state and local regulations appearing during the outbreak, OSHA has also begun revising and updating their policies to reflect the current situation. Including—but also going beyond—social distancing and hygiene measures, general contractors would do well to review these new regulations and prepare to start implementing them across their project sites and offices.  
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Industry Finds New Innovations to Stay Ahead of COVID-19
As the industry transitions to working remotely, adjusts to social distancing regulations on jobsites, and recovers from a sharp round of layoffs, many contractors still have to continue progress on a high project volume, but with significantly reduced man hours. Technology, however, is stepping in to fill that gap and help contractors use their hours more efficiently, making sure they can stay not only afloat, but competitive. 
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