Kenalex Construction

Kenalex Raises the Bar with Pype AutoSpecs and Closeout.

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Kenalex Construction

After adopting Procore to standardize processes, Kenalex relies on Pype for an in-depth dive into project documents and to improve the quality of deliverables across all projects.

DPR Construction

From more accurate estimating and project risk reduction to building relationships across the industry, DPR’s partnership with Pype drives construction innovation.

The Boldt Company

With over 80 hours saved on his project, Field Engineer Phillip Boldt kept stakeholders organized and on task, moving to a new project sooner.

HITT Contracting

Easy-to-follow setup and workflows provide valuable man-hour savings to HITT on project after project.


By comparing versions, clarifying deliverables, and fostering project understanding across teams, Mortenson easily maintains contract compliance from day one.

Layton Construction

Layton was lacking a uniform way to handle closeout procedures. Pype helped ease the burden of closeout by streamlining their disparate processes into one, efficient workflow.


Pype helped BBE ensure that their bids were impressive and detailed, that subs were notified of all requirements, and that their submittal logs were generated by the most accurate AI available.

Robins & Morton

Robins & Morton wanted to update their processes. They tried a different submittal building tool, but they still had major problems. Using Pype AutoSpecs helped their projects flow a lot better.

Vertex Plumbing & Gas

Once Vertex determined the need to update their O&M procedures, Pype eBinder was the clear choice.

PCL Construction

PCL employees evaluated Pype and immediately realized the potential benefits of the product. It could review their specs and produce the results they were looking for with a high level of accuracy.

Warfel Construction

FEs and PEs can spend 120+ hours creating one submittal log. Once Warfel realized AutoSpecs was scanning an entire spec book in a few minutes, they knew this was the solution they needed.

Shook Construction

Since Shook used Pype Closeout, not only did their venue open on time, but the timely turnover of closeout material reflected well on the company as a whole.

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