Make Lasting Impressions on Your Clients with Better Project Closeout Processes

When owners raise capital for their next project, they will likely choose contractors whose projects have helped them hit their end goals and KPIs.

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Make Lasting Impressions on Your Clients with Better Project Closeout Processes

Lost in translation: preparing your data for commissioning

Commissioning confirms that the design intent has been followed. Make sure your data is ready for a streamlined process.

Notice to Proceed: The Submittal Review

Submittals keep your project on schedule, so how can you best utilize this QA/QC tool to mitigate risk and improve quality?

Notice to Proceed: Prepping the Submittal Schedule

The submittal schedule helps communicate your team's plan to your client, but what needs to be included on it?

EBOOK: Perfecting Project Kickoff

Your guide to mastering the submittal process after receiving your Notice to Proceed.

Streamlined Project Closeout with Procore and Pype

Pype Closeout enhances Procore’s functionality without risking lost data through robust integrations and complimentary workflows.

The Ultimate Submittal Log Checklist

Creating a submittal log is a painstaking process, but these nine steps can help prevent costly mistakes.

Smart Owners Invest in Closeout and Turnover

You’ve spent a lot of money on this building, so wouldn’t it be smart to invest just a little bit more to make sure your building is able to be properly maintained over its lifetime?

Notice to Proceed: The First Precon Meeting

The Precon meeting can get your project started on the right foot, but what do you need to prepare for this meeting?

Automatically Transfer Submittals from Pype to PlanGrid Using ACC Connect

Leverage the powerful data-analysis algorithms within AutoSpecs, and easily transfer your data to your PlanGrid project.

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