Product Update: Closeout Turnover Package Designer

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Product Update: Closeout Turnover Package Designer

With Pype Closeout’s new turnover package designer, your project teams can easily create turnover packages that are fully customizable to the needs of your clients.

Product Update: BIM 360 + Closeout Two-Way Sync

This update to Pype Closeout's integration with BIM 360 to closes the workflow gap and helps project teams protect their project.

Automatically Transfer Submittals from Pype to PlanGrid Using ACC Connect

Leverage the powerful data-analysis algorithms within AutoSpecs, and easily transfer your data to your PlanGrid project.

Pype joins Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk has announced that Pype will join Autodesk Construction Cloud, but what exactly does that mean for our platforms?

Autodesk Completes Acquisition of Pype

Pype’s suite of software solutions will integrate with the Autodesk Construction Cloud portfolio for streamlined project management and automation of critical construction workflows.

Product Update: Closeout Enterprise Dashboard

The new dashboard provides insights and transparency on every project to Pype Closeout enterprise clients across their portfolio.

FAQs: Pype’s Acquisition by Autodesk

Based on feedback from our customers, we've put together this brief FAQ to give you more information on how Pype will be moving forward as part of Autodesk.

Autodesk Acquires Pype

Pype's CEO shares the exciting news of Pype's Acquisition by Autodesk.

Product Update: Enhanced Closeout Sync with Procore

One of the most requested features from our Procore users has been a two-way submittal integration between Procore and Pype Closeout.

Product Update: The Ultimate Spec Search Feature has Arrived

Thanks to valuable feedback from users like you, we continuously improve our platforms to make real differences in your user experience of Pype products.

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