Enterprise: The Smart Way to Scale and Increase ROI

If one project found a way to greatly reduce risk and stay contract compliant, wouldn’t you want that discovery to be shared with all of your projects? What if by spreading it across every project you also drove the cost of that solution down by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, decreased risk in other areas of your business, and helped transform that solution to become even more valuable to your organization?

Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, that’s what it means to “go enterprise” with a tech solution like Pype — a partnership where every project in your organization has access to the platform and increased access to our support network.


These company-wide agreements help to drive down cost by scaling the partnership to fit your business as a whole. While companies can choose to license the software by individual project, enterprise agreements give your entire organization unlimited licenses* to drastically drive down the per-project cost. General contractors take advantage of Pype products’ full potential by leveraging the unlimited licenses across departments and in a variety of use cases;

  • Want to train new employees about project submittal requirements? Let them analyze the spec book side by side with the submittals using SpecView.
  • Want to estimate accurately and further ensure you cover commonly missed items in your bid? Analyze the specifications for every project you bid on with AutoSpecs.
  • Want to help achieve full contract compliance on every project closeout? Generate and gather all required turnover documentation with Pype Closeout.

Enterprise agreements are structured to give partners better value at higher project volumes. With a fixed agreement and unlimited access, enterprise partners are able to leverage AutoSpecs at every stage of the project. Precon and estimating departments can utilize AI insights at the bid stage, and not just on ‘shovel in the ground’ projects. Field teams across the country can start the build phase a step ahead by having submittal requirements logged and ready to discuss well before the kick-off meeting, including high cost, long lead, and commonly overlooked items. Closeout teams can create a comprehensive closeout requirement log from the specs and start collecting documentation as each trade partner finishes their scope of work. When utilized company wide a general contractor’s ROI for Pype’s solutions grows exponentially.

Knowledge Sharing

Pype enterprise partners also have direct access to Pype’s expert Client Success team. In addition to training your company’s end users to use the software, your company will be assigned a personal Client Success Manager (CSM) who’s responsible for equipping your teams with the industry knowledge and best practices they need to be successful (hence “Client Success”).

Our CSMs have successfully implemented and on-boarded thousands of projects across the country. Their expertise and experience can be put to use by your project teams to prevent common pitfalls, and have helped train thousands of  new project engineers implement optimized workflows around submittals and contract compliance.

Shape the Future of the Industry

Not only do we encourage our CSMs to share their knowledge with our enterprise partners, but we routinely set up educational webinars and development opportunities for our enterprise partners to work together. These sessions all work as a catalyst to spark innovation and new best practices, not just in getting the most out of Pype’s software, but across industry processes as a whole.

We also use those opportunities (and others) to take honest, open feedback of our platforms. While our lightning fast development team can create new features in weeks or even days, it’s our enterprise partners who take the driver’s seat on helping to determine what those features should be.

Our enterprise agreements are far more than just bundled pricing for hundreds of project licenses—we call it a “partnership” for a reason. It’s an opportunity for us to help reduce risk across your entire portfolio. Your project teams will have access to industry experts who will look out for them and actively look for potential contract liabilities. Your company will have a hand in shaping our products, not only making them more useful for workflows specific to your business, but also ensuring you stay at the forefront of industry thought leadership. You get all of those benefits while paying less per project than you would if you licensed each project individually, while managing your enterprise risk across all your projects.

If you’re seeing success with Pype, why not go enterprise?

*Unlimited licensing agreements are available for the Pype AutoSpecs and eBinder modules. Enterprise agreements for Closeout and SmartPlans modules may be structured with project caps depending on a variety of factors. Contact for more information.

Alistair Potts

Alistair Potts is a veteran technology enthusiast who brings optimism and excitement about tech’s potential to solve for inefficient processes. As a leader in the design and development of world-class customer experiences and the teams that provide them, he is a strong asset as Pype’s Vice President of Sales.

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