Conference | Bluebeam XCON

Washington, DC | August 27 - 28, 2019

Pype is a proud Platinum Sponsor of this year’s Bluebeam XCON, and we’re making it super easy to find us! Attend our session on preconstruction, register for our Exclusive Happy Hour, or stop by our booth in the Interactive Zone. See you soon!

SESSION: The Benefits of Automating Preconstruction

2:20 PM on August 27th

This session will broadly cover the benefits of AI-based automation during preconstruction. Specifically, it will focus on how automating one process–the scanning and parsing of your spec book–can allow teams to bid more accurately, get to work sooner, and save time exponentially throughout the project lifecycle.


  • How AI automates mental tasks the same way machines and power tools automate physical tasks.
  • How using AI to scan your spec book saves you time in bidding and preconstruction.
  • How saved time in bidding and preconstruction can be used to create a more impressive bid and reputation with subcontractors.
  • How saving time in bidding and preconstruction can save you much more time during the build and closeout phases.


Satyam Verma, Pype

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