WEBINAR | Levelset + Pype: The One-Two Punch for Closing Out and Getting Paid Sooner

July 30th, 2:00pm EST

Cash flow is central to the survival of contractors. Knowing how much money is coming in, going out, and when are the basic pieces of information used to make critical business decisions. With automation platforms like Pype and Levelset, contractors can have their finger on the pulse of their cash flow and be better able to predict when trade partners are ready to be paid out, when their projects will finish closeout, and when retention monies will be released. 

Join Pype’s Head of Strategic Partnerships Satyam Verma and Levelset’s Manager of Financial Services Michael Williams as they discuss how general contractors can get paid sooner, balance cash flow and productivity, and build lasting relationships in the industry.

Levelset + Pype: The One-Two Punch for Closing Out and Getting Paid Sooner

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to better predict cash flow by staying informed on the progress of trade partners and projects using Pype’s solutions.
  • Improve and establish trusted relationships with trade partners using Levelset’s platform to automate and deliver payments quickly and efficiently.
  • Understand the significant impact that cash flow has on a general contractor and subcontractors, and the necessity for accurate, up to date information to protect those slim profit margins.

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