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Project closeout is a pain staking process that involves reaching out to several dozens of subcontractors and making sure they submit all project specific closeout submittals. Typically, as the job nears closeout, subcontractors move on to other projects and it’s a long drawn out process to make them compliant. As an owner, contractor, and property manager we need to make sure all the asset data from our build process gets managed properly. Currently we get binders, USB’s, CD’s and links to cloud files and most of our closeout data is fragmented. As a builder we need access to all this data in a centralized location and in a electronic searchable format across all our devices.

  • Identifying and gathering hundreds of closeout submittals while so many activities are going on during the closeout phase
  • Compiling comprehensive turnover packages was very time consuming
  • Retention released rags out due to the subcontractor delays or missing documentation


  • The Pype Closeout Solution was very simple to use and implement
  • Automated follow up with subcontractors took burden of PM’s
  • Pypee Binder helped us compile hyperlinked and searchable turnover packages
  • Owners had access to eBinder and released retention monies right away
“Project closeout is a painful process but Pype acted as a virtual project engineer on our jobsite. We used to spend days and weeks during the closeout process compiling documents and with Pype we spend less than an hour a day. Our client was happy to see a professional turnover package (eBinder) which helped us with early retention release.”
Closeout Optimization with Foulger – Pratt