How to Evaluate Submittal Generation Software

Although automated submittal register generation technology has been available from Pype AutoSpecs for four years, this year has seen a couple new products join the market that offer similar services. You can use the following guide to learn about common features and determine what questions to ask during your evaluation of each platform.


Saving Time and Improving Efficiency
One of the immediate benefits of utilizing automation is improved productivity and significant time savings.
Contract Compliance
Complying with contract requirements is an important part of the construction process. Utilizing an automated submittal generator that pulls the full spectrum of contract required submittals can reduce risk and save money.
Broader Oversight
Utilizing a single workflow for all projects allows companies to aggregate data across projects and identify further efficiencies to save time and money.
Cost Savings
When talented employees no longer have to spend their time tediously compiling submittal logs they can reallocate their time to learning the specs and identifying cost savings quickly.

Common Features

Compiling Action/Informational Submittals
On basic software platforms, the spec document is scanned and the submittal descriptions are compiled automatically. On more advanced platforms the submittal description, title, and location in the spec book is automatically compiled.
Compiling Closeout Submittals
Capturing closeout submittals at the start of a project allows for greater oversight into the total project scope and control of general condition costs.
Compiling Project Requirements (Mockups / Q&A / Test & Inspections / Division 1)
Having a firm grasp of project submittal items and all other project requirements at the outset of a project can allow project teams to have greater insight into schedule impacts. Currently, only one solution in the market offers automated generation of project submittals.

Evaluation Questions

  • Accuracy
    What percentage of submittals are captured?
    Are there any tools to identify spec sections that didn’t return any submittals?
  • Integrations
    Does the platform integrate with industry tools like Bluebeam?
    Can the resulting submittal log be imported into your project management software?
  • Collaboration
    Can the submittal log be easily reviewed by additional team members?
    Can revisions to the log be tracked?
    Can pre-construction teams use the software to bid and schedule more effectively?
  • Test Drive
    Can you easily start a trial?
    Are pilot licenses available?
  • Implementation and Support
    What is the implementation and training process?
  • Track Record
    How many spec documents has the platform processed?
    How many years have they been developing their solution?
  • Future Enhancements/Features
    What is their product roadmap?
  • Trust
    Can they provide recommendations or testimonials from other general contracting firms?
    Can they provide case studies from various companies?

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