An Eye For Inefficiencies

By LaShawn Hodge, Customer Success Manager at Pype

Moving is something that people do occasionally in life—they move for a job relocation, to have more space, or just to live in a different area. I, unfortunately, have moved four times over the past two years, and have dealt with many apartment complexes. I’ve become an expert packer, and combined with my career experience in customer success, I’ve developed an eagle-eye for inefficiencies. And let me tell you, when it comes to the leasing process, there are a lot of inefficiencies.

From non-existent checklists for important documents, to binders so heavy that movers would charge extra for them, I was stunned at every turn that these processes weren’t standardized. Communication was sparse and incomplete, relying on paper records instead of digitized systems. I couldn’t help but imagine what would happen if we had a volatile hurricane season and the office (with all this paperwork) flooded.

I’m not in favor of tech for tech’s sake, but as I sat there on the customer-side of the desk during my most recent move, I desperately wanted to ask questions, learn more, and propose some solutions that would ease my frustration and save time for both me and the leasing agent. I had to stop myself on my third visit to the office from asking what software, if any, they were using or could be using. I felt like I was back in my office getting ready to discuss all the solutions that Pype Closeout could bring to this particular situation… I’m not joking. 

Email notifications for what documents I need to submit (insurance declaration pages, vehicle registrations, my dog’s rabies vaccine verification, etc.)? Yes please! Easily letting them accept or reject documents online instead of in person at their office? Absolutely! Knowing at a glance if I’m 100% compliant and can move on and move in? Definitely! 

Ultimately, however, I left my Pype hat at the door for the duration of the leasing process, and chose to grin and bear it as I dug around for my printer and ink that had long since been packed away. I visited that office countless times (way too many!) as I printed and handed in paperwork, only to be asked for more paperwork I could have brought that very visit if they had told me earlier. Frustrated was not even close to what I felt about all of the wasted time.

Almost daily I interact with clients who are similarly frustrated with the wide variety of inefficiencies they experience during the beginning and end of construction projects. I love sharing Pype’s solutions to those very problems, and all of the unique features that make everyone’s lives easier from subs to PMs to even the design team.

I only wish someone could share a similar solution to my moving woes. If the AEC industry can figure it out, I sincerely hope leasing offices aren’t far behind.

LaShawn Hodge

LaShawn brings a decade of client experience to Pype as Customer Success Manager. Aside from bringing positive energy to her team, she spends her days helping clients get the most out of Pype products to enhance their workflows. Dubbed “The Fastest Hot-Glue Gun This Side of the Mississippi”, she spends her nights and weekends dreaming up new projects to placate her sequin addiction, or sweating it out at dance class.

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