Introducing SmartBuild: New AutoSpecs Feature

Pype’s AutoSpecs is a cutting edge solution that helps you get your projects started faster. This innovative software creates submittal logs in a matter of minutes, dramatically improves accuracy, and ensures contract compliance. And if you can believe it, we’ve found another way to further improve your efficiency.

AutoSpecs’ newest feature is called SmartBuild. Now you can review your submittal log even easier than before. No more back and forth copying and pasting; no more manual data entry. Just highlight spec book text and SmartBuild intelligently adds it for you. Titles, descriptions, the works – just highlight the text and all fields will be populated for you.

To access this handy new feature:

– Log in to AutoSpecs and locate SpecView in the left sidebar.
– Select the SmartBuild tab above your spec book view.
– Simply highlight the text you wish to add and watch the magic happen.

Start projects sooner with Pype’s AutoSpecs, and save even more time with SmartBuild. Don’t have AutoSpecs yet? Request a free demo today to see what you’ve been missing.

For additional information on how to use SmartBuild, visit or reach out to us via chat, email:, or phone 1-855-910-7137.

Cheryssa Jensen

Cheryssa is Pype's resident marketing communications guru. She brings more than eight years of experience in the start-up and non-profit marketing world to her role as Digital Marketing Manager.

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