Karuna Ammireddy Explores Construction AI in Forbes

Pype Co-Founder and CTO, Karuna Ammireddy, explores the advancements, impact, and future that AI and machine learning has carved out for itself in the AEC industry in his latest article published by the Forbes Technology Council.

“Technology and AI are unique in that they mimic abilities that thus far have been the sole trades of humans — critical thinking, pattern recognition and reading — but can integrate with machines and tools that have physical abilities beyond humans. Major players across all industries have begun to see the benefits of utilizing this new toolset, saving them time, money and materials. The construction industry is starting to embrace this wave of innovation, too, realizing that when these tools are focused and built with a problem in mind, they give PMs and engineers tools with the same level of specialization to work with as the crews have on site.”

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Karuna Ammireddy

As a CTO of Pype Inc, Karuna is responsible for overall product development, operations and technology growth. Karuna brings more than a decade of experience building simple to complex software systems with teams of various sizes . A computer science graduate of University of Florida with an MBA from University of Maryland, Karuna was always an Entrepreneur at heart. While working on software development, he successfully executed few real estate projects as well. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to build a company from ground up, Karuna Co-founded Pype Inc in 2015. In addition to his role as a CTO of Pype, Karuna is an avid runner, swimmer and a field hockey player.

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