New Integration with Egnyte Facilitates Better Turnover Experience

Syncing Pype eBinder with Egnyte enables you to access and transfer project documents stored in Egnyte Connect directly into Pype eBinder. Quick and direct access to project documents allows teams to deliver organized and searchable turnover packages in minutes.

This integration bookends your turnover package experience, allowing for streamlined workflows and seamless project closeout file transfer.

  • Pull closeout files into eBinder to generate one fully indexed, hyperlinked, and searchable pdf turnover document
  • Share your polished turnover package on Egnyte and deliver everything to all relevant stakeholders.

Read full post on Egnyte’s blog.

Cheryssa Jensen

Cheryssa is Pype's resident marketing communications guru. She brings more than eight years of experience in the start-up and non-profit marketing world to her role as Digital Marketing Manager.

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