How Pype’s Customer Support Ensures Success

Pype’s Customer Support Team is founded on the principle of the Golden Rule, treating our clients how we would want to be treated when seeking support—with fast response times, knowledgeable and actionable information, and multiple solutions for any problem we’re facing on our project. Following these guidelines, we’ve received glowing reviews from our clients, and we want to ensure that they continue finding stellar success by using our products. So, how do we make this happen?

First, our team is composed of professionals from a variety of industry backgrounds, each with years of experience in construction technology, customer support, software development, and more. We take on the responsibility to train each other and share our knowledge so that everyone can relate to our clients in the construction industry and can speak knowledgeably to the problems our clients face. Between monthly, hands-on training sessions, site visits, and even just sitting close to each other throughout the day to ask quick questions, we have optimized the knowledge-sharing process so that everyone is up to speed and our clients draw on a pool of expertise, instead of relying on just one person’s experience.

Sitting in close proximity also helps us to lean on each other, too! In typical customer support environments, a CS rep will be confined to their cubicle and have to slog through the mountainous back-log of support requests, resulting in rushed, half-baked feedback that clients don’t often find very useful. At Pype, the close proximity helps us to ask each other for help when we need it, and notice when someone is getting overwhelmed–it’s just easier to talk to someone who’s sitting at the same table every day. This is key to making sure client requests are taken care of in a timely manner, and ensure that our answers and suggestions are relevant and worthy of the client’s time.

Using the appropriate communication channel helps us resolve issues as efficiently as possible. Often, the correct channel will be whichever one the client used to initially contact us, such as phone or email. However, certain requests are best handled through other channels–such as using GoToMeeting to see a client’s computer screen (and thus the problem they are experiencing). We pride ourselves on being able to recognize these requests and easily moving the conversation to the best channel for support and for our clients to succeed.

One of the most commonly used channels is the online chat system found on our website. We ensure that our clients receive timely responses from actual CS representatives while using the chat system—we (obviously) love AI, but some things like customer success are best left to human professionals.

Helping clients succeed is our top goal at Pype. Their success is our success, and vice versa. As we build and maintain relationships with our clients, we become increasingly aware of the pain points and issues they are facing, and more and more aware of how we can bridge those gaps in workflow. 

After all, it’s what we would want, too.

Jacob Hong

Starting as the 5th official employee of Pype, Jacob is considered one of the “OG” members of the team. With over 4 years of experience supporting clients with Pype products, he has the knowledge and expertise to solve any problems our clients face, ensuring that their experience with Pype is best-in-class.

Connect with Jacob on LinkedIn.

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