Pype joins Autodesk Construction Cloud

As the Pype team continues to settle into our new home under the Autodesk umbrella, our software has found its niche as well. AutoSpecs, Closeout, SmartPlans, and eBinder are all now offered as part of Pype within Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). 

This of course begs the question: what is ACC? Autodesk Construction Cloud is a network of construction software managed and developed by Autodesk’s construction technology arm, Autodesk Construction Solutions (ACS). Presently, there are five products within ACC to aide key stakeholders from early design stages all the way through operations: 

  1. Assemble allows users to condition, query, and connect BIM data to key workflows such as design reviews, takeoffs, estimating, and schedule management 
  2. BIM 360 allows project teams to connect to other stakeholders and critical project data to help reduce risk, improve quality, and deliver projects on time and budget 
  3. BuildingConnected allows teams to send invitations to bid, qualify vendors, and track opportunities to choose the right builder for the right job 
  4. PlanGrid allows teams to collaborate efficiently and access the record set from any device 
  5. Pype allows users to automate submittal log generation and document closeout processes, helping to reduce risk early on and return time to project teams that they can use on quality. 

While these five products are helping architects, general contractors, trades, owners, and other stakeholders across the globe, they also form the backbone of ACC’s three core pillars

  • The creation and development of Advanced Technology for builders and owners, so that they have access to easy-to-use tools and powerful solutions whether out in the field or back in the office. 
  • Forming the Builder’s Network, a crowdsourced network powered by BuildingConnected to match stakeholders together, whether it’s owners and contractors, architects and engineers, or GCs and trade partners. 
  • Development of Predictive Insights through advanced AI algorithms and data analytics so clients can make more informed decisions at every step of the project lifecycle, helping to mitigate risk and reduce RFIs, change orders, and re-work. 

As Pype’s platforms further integrates into the rest of ACC, we can expect to see our solutions furthering those goals and expanding access to increasingly vital construction technology. To learn more about Pype request a custom overview of our products.  


Pype is the construction industry's first SaaS provider for submittal log management and project closeout. Over 40% of the ENR top 400 use AutoSpecs, Closeout, and SmartPlans to provide unprecedented insights on spec and closeout data, help teams extract actionable information from specifications and plans to close communication gaps between design, construction, and operations teams, and ensure a higher level of quality assurance, efficiency, and risk management on projects coast-to-coast.

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