Pype Powers-Up PMWEB With New Integration

Contractors know better than most the value of time, energy, and human resources in completing a project. There’s little in the world of construction quite so frustrating as a dropped ball because of an inaccurate, incomplete, or totally missing submittal register. In those cases, straightforward, readily available technology can be a vital tool for streamlining the procurement of necessary materials.

Enter Pype AutoSpecs, which easily exports a complete submittal log compatible with PMWeb’s submittal module. AutoSpecs’ algorithms review the project specification document and generate a detailed, complete submittal log – saving hours of time and resources. The less time contractors have to spend generating a submittal register, the more time they can spend reviewing it for accuracy. AutoSpecs’ compatibility with PMWeb further means that stakeholders will be able to get real-time status updates on submittals, approvals, and accruals, which they can then use to inform their faster, more economical decision-making.

Incorporating AutoSpecs into your workflow is a simple process. Simply scan the project specifications and AutoSpecs will do the heavy lifting of generating a list of submittals, which can then be imported to PMWeb for easy attachment of necessary drawings, warranties, and certificates and the generation of workflow. AutoSpecs simplifies the process of quality assurance by freeing more of the contractor’s time and allowing for transparency with stakeholders.

Submittal logs are vital. Creating detailed and accurate ones can be tedious, time-consuming work. AutoSpecs can provide contractors with the necessary freedom to devote their attention to accuracy rather than tedium, benefitting consultants, workers, and stakeholders alike.

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Sarah Lee

Pype's Director of Marketing brings a decade of experience from the multifamily development industry with specializations in digital marketing and data analytics.

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