Pype and Procore: Smart Integrations for Successful GCs

Written by Satyam Verma, Pype’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, who recently did an in-person Lunch and Learn presentation at Procore’s headquarters

Like Procore, Pype prioritizes communication with other construction SaaS partners, and we’re proud of the extensive network that we’ve built. Not only do these partnerships lead to cross-platform integrations that help streamline workflows, but they also drive new innovations for AEC as a result of the frequent meetings and collaboration between our teams.

Pype’s partnership with Procore runs deep, and it shows in our platforms. Not only was Procore one of the first API integrations we added to AutoSpecs, but they are the first product management platform to have Pype software available as an embedded app experience. This level of integration allows users to leverage Pype’s automation alongside the other project-critical tools inside Procore that teams rely on. 

To continue innovating together and to develop other workflow solutions like the embedded app, I was recently invited to the Procore headquarters in Carpinteria, California, to work with their product, sales, and customer support teams face-to-face. Our day started with a taco lunch-and-learn—a seminar and webinar where I explained to 200 Procore team members the value Pype’s software provides general contractors, and how project teams can leverage it alongside Procore’s platform.

After lunch, I sat down with different teams and thought leaders at Procore to brainstorm new workflows that would bridge our two systems and solve other industry inefficiencies. I first met with their product team, and we went over our product roadmaps to pinpoint areas where we could mutually drive value for project teams. I then went on to meet with their support and customer success teams to identify new pain points our clients experience and begin the innovation process to develop new solutions to them. We left these discussions with not only a greater understanding of the current issues that our solutions address, but they also helped us dive deeper into existing and potential future innovations. 

Construction tech companies can provide exceptional solutions to capturing valuable information, but without open communication and integrations with partners, that data is less actionable than it is when it moves seamlessly to and from other great software solutions. When information flows freely between every platform and tool a project team uses, efficiency is multiplied and teams are better able to stay on track and build without interruption. That’s why we at Pype prioritize meeting with partners like Procore: to facilitate honest conversations and uncover invaluable insights that result in effective solutions that benefit our clients.

Want to see what kind of data Pype can capture for your Procore project? Watch these integration overviews for AutoSpecs and Closeout, and get the AutoSpecs app and Closeout app on the Procore App Marketplace. To see a full list of our integrations, read our Integrations Round-Up.

Satyam Verma

Satyam Verma is a sales veteran with a penchant for startups who received his economics degree from George Mason University. He serves as Pype’s Partnership Development Manager by building valuable business collaborations and also serves as the product expert for the sales department at Pype.

Connect with Satyam on LinkedIn.

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