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The construction industry is one of the hottest tech landscapes right now. With new platforms, apps and technology emerging every day there is bound to be overlap. For example, there are several solutions available on the market for processing and evaluating specifications. Some of these solutions are standalone, such as ours, while others are built into large platform solutions. When it comes to choosing one, there are many things to consider.

The value of an objective specific software

When evaluating software solutions for specification and submittal processing, you will come across a few options. First is the standalone software such as Pype. Standalone software is purpose built with a specific set of tasks in mind. Being created for a particular function allows these solutions to focus all of their efforts on improving tools around that set of functions. It also allows them to be more agile, and they do not have to worry about how their portion of the product integrates or interacts with other parts of the program.  Often software such as ours is also first to market. This allows us to capture critical user feedback and continue to develop the product the industry wants and needs. While other tools may come to market or platforms may add similar features they are years behind our technology and user feedback. We think this Dilbert cartoon says it best.

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More Integrations, More Data

When building a software solution that is going to utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence, having access to data sets to train the algorithm is extremely important. Pype has built integrations into several project management systems and all of these integrations are designed around user feedback and real-world workflows allowing our customers to take advantage of the benefits of both systems. For this reason, we also have access to a vast array of projects, data, and users. This access provides allows the algorithm to constantly improve as it allows us to collect both unique data sets as well as different user feedback. This data enables us to say confidently that we have the most accurate submittal extraction tool on the market today.

Price vs. Value

As the amount of software used on construction projects grows so does the price tag. If you’re considering stacking technology on top of existing systems, you have to make sure they are adding value to the project. There are many examples of where a paid solution adds enough value to justify the cost compared to a free solution. Since we are talking construction, let’s talk about one that most are familiar with, Bluebeam. Bluebeam is a powerhouse in the construction industry for their document management workflows based on PDFs. Now there are plenty of other PDF tools out there including Adobe, and some may even be cheaper, but they don’t focus on specific user workflows. Bluebeam has long had a reputation for listening to customer feedback and building features that automate construction workflows. These tools significantly eclipse the value or toolsets of the other players like Adobe. Bluebeam is a prime example of how a software company focused solely on a portion of the industry were able to build tools to address user needs directly. Pype has taken the same approach with specifications and submittals. We pride ourselves on our ability to address industry needs and to be at the forefront of specification and submittal software providing unmatched value to our customers.

No matter what solution you end up choosing, keep this in mind, technology is just a tool, and it relies on the people and the processes which they utilize it in. If the tech does not fit your workflow, it won’t succeed in providing value. As the original submittal extraction tool top ENR contractors such as Mortenson, PCL, Jacobsen, McCarthy, HITT, and Rogers-O’Brien chose, Pype has been a trusted part of their workflows and has spent countless hours working with our users to make sure we align with the most efficient workflows in the industry. Here at Pype, we refuse to slow down, we have new highly sought after features coming soon and would love to show you being the first to innovate this solution has led us to have the most versatile and accurate solution on the market today.


Pype is the construction industry's first SaaS provider for submittal log management and project closeout. Over 40% of the ENR top 400 use AutoSpecs, Closeout, and SmartPlans to provide unprecedented insights on spec and closeout data, help teams extract actionable information from specifications and plans to close communication gaps between design, construction, and operations teams, and ensure a higher level of quality assurance, efficiency, and risk management on projects coast-to-coast.

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