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Barton Malow and Pype: Partners in Construction Project Efficiency

Pype has joined Michigan-based general contractor Barton Malow in an enterprise partnership. This partnership allows Barton Malow to use Pype’s platform on it’s projects nationwide, helping teams deliver even higher quality products to their clients.

“Eliminating the chance for human error across our entire project portfolio was an important part of our AutoSpecs evaluation,” explained Lindsey Rem, Vice President of Systems at Barton Malow. “When we layer in technology, and especially automation, we can ensure project teams have the tools they need to do exceptional work. Not only are we insulating ourselves against the potential for monetary loss in rework or liquidated damages, but the oversight that products like Pype provides allow project teams to build strong relationships with design teams and owners.”

“Now that we have AutoSpecs, our teams have more time to review the log and the project as a whole,” added Daniel Stone, Senior Innovation Manager at Barton Malow. “It combines review of the submittal log with review of the specifications as a whole. That combined workflow allows us to use our time more efficiently.”

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