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Flournoy Construction Group and Austin Company Standardize Submittals and Closeout Process

Kajima USA companies rely on Pype’s AI-powered software to mitigate risk and increase construction productivity.

Pype, recently acquired by Autodesk, shared today that two general contractors under the Kajima USA family of companies, Flournoy Construction Group and Austin Company, have signed enterprise agreements to utilize Pype solutions company-wide. Along with Hawaiian Dredging who entered an enterprise partnership with Pype in 2019, three out of the six Kajima USA GCs have now standardized their processes with Pype solutions, helping to mitigate risk and increase productivity throughout their project portfolios.   

“Submittals are the key to understanding a project’s cost and a project’s potential profit,” said Mike Flanigan, director of business development and strategy at Flournoy. “To deliver a project on time, it’s essential to understand all of the submittals and other requirements found in the specs. Pype helps us to acquire that understanding on a deeper level.”  

Flournoy Construction Group, based in Columbus, Georgia, works as a full-service general contractor and construction management firm in the southeastern United States. Using AutoSpecs, Flournoy will automate their submittal log generation process, helping to increase efficiency during project set-up and avoid the possibility of costly mistakes further into the project life-cycle.  

“We look for tools that are immediately usable, and that fit with our processes,” continued Flanigan. “Pype’s software is intuitive, and their support and training is engaging and responsive. We can use AutoSpecs to get fantastic results without having to invest hours into teaching our teams every workflow.” 

Austin Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, offers design, construction, facility management, and other services throughout the United States. As an enterprise client, Austin Company is using Pype software in several critical areas. AutoSpecs and SmartPlans allows estimators in Austin Company’s preconstruction department to automatically identify high cost or long lead items in their bid sets. They will also be able to use Pype during the build phase to extract closeout and commissioning requirements and allow project teams to easily separate requirements out from traditional submittals to get projects set up for closeout earlier on in the project. 

After winning the project, teams from both companies are able to utilize Pype AI to not only extract project requirements, but identify requirements that are potentially missing from their specs and plans based on industry standards and best practices, which reduces the risk of litigation as the project proceeds.

“Extracting submittals is a very tedious process and missed requirements can spell disaster for a project’s bottom line,” said Sunil Dorairajan, co-founder of Pype. “AutoSpecs and SmartPlans reduce risk by giving project teams a chance to review the automatically generated submittal logs alongside the specs and plans. This approach combines two tasks into one and provides the project engineers with a clearer picture of the project scope.” 

“We are always excited to bring new partners onto our platforms,” said Josh Matheny, director of client success at Pype. “We pride ourselves on maintaining ongoing conversations with our clients that shape the future of our products. Adding new voices, such as Austin Company and Flournoy Construction Group, to the conversation helps keep our innovation team running at full speed.” 

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