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GH Phipps Partners with Pype to Reduce Cost & Labor

Top Colorado general contractor GH Phipps Construction Company has spent the last seven months streamlining key construction workflows nationwide with the use of Pype AutoSpecs. Pype, a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for the construction industry, provides artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms that automate specific documentation processes surrounding contract compliance and risk mitigation in construction.

“Reading the spec book and identifying contract items can move so much faster when using AutoSpecs. Due to its accuracy, we no longer have to go back to the specifications to find submittals and contract items we missed. We reinvest the time saved in the log creation phase in reviewing the submittals and collaborating with the design team.”

Keith McIntyre
Mechanical/Electrical Coordinator
GH Phipps

As this partnership grows, GH Phipps is already exploring new ways to leverage these solutions. “We showed the solution to our preconstruction department,” McIntyre told us. “They’re currently looking at different ways AutoSpecs can be used to estimate faster during the bid process.” The GH Phipps and Pype partnership has started off strong, but the best is yet to come as they uncover innovative uses cases that will improve GH Phipps’ projects and the construction industry as a whole.

Pype + GH Phipps
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