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Hawaiian Dredging Teams Up with Pype

Pype AutoSpecs will provide Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company projects with increased oversight on contract compliance and more efficient workflows.

Pype has announced its enterprise partnership with Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company (HDCC), a top ENR and Honolulu’s largest full-service general contractor that has served the state of Hawaii since 1902.

HDCC came to Pype seeking an intuitive solution that could streamline the process of creating submittal logs. The general contractor was following a standard procedure of creating the logs from scratch using spreadsheet software, and the process took up to a month of skilled work to complete for large projects.

“For every construction company today, time is an incredibly precious resource,” said Sunil Dorairajan, co-founder and CEO of Pype. “At Pype, our goal is to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to create structure from unstructured data to mitigate project risks. If we can add capacity to a company by making contract compliance data more accessible, they can better invest their employees’ skills to execute projects more effectively and positively affect the bottom line.”

Since deploying AutoSpecs, HDCC reports they have been able to reduce the time spent on developing submittal logs for large-scale projects from one month of skilled work to one week.

“Being able to wrap your head around submittals earlier in a project’s life cycle is a benefit to the entire team. During an industry-wide labor shortage, time and efficiency are critical for construction professionals. When using AutoSpecs, we’ve found the turnaround from initially uploading a PDF to getting accurate results within minutes is truly a ‘wow’ moment.”

Christopher Baze, BIM manager at Hawaiian Dredging

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