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McCownGordon Construction to Standardize Project Submittal Processes with Pype

McCownGordon implements Pype company-wide to reduce project risk and increase productivity.

Washington, DC – Pype, recently acquired by Autodesk, announced today that McCownGordon Construction has adopted Pype’s full suite of solutions to standardize their project startup and project closeout processes. Pype AutoSpecs and Pype Closeout will automate McCownGordon’s submittal log generation, closeout document collection, and project turnover package creation, helping to reduce hours spent by project teams on tedious, human-error prone tasks to mitigate risk and increase productivity. 

The Kansas City, Missouri-based contractor is one of the Midwest’s largest construction management companies and specializes in design-build, sustainable construction, and general contracting. Some of McCownGordon’s most recognizable projects are the Terracon Corporate Headquarters and  Garmin Headquarters Expansion in Olathe, KS and the Children’s Mercy Research Tower, in Kansas City, MO. 

McCownGordon’s operations team was looking to expedite the document closeout process and create a uniform turnover package structure across all projects. They also wanted a technology partner that aligned with their three core values: integrity, relationships, and performance. After a round of successful pilot projects and positive feedback from its teams, McCownGordon decided to standardize project closeout processes in addition to the submittal register creation process with Pype because of its metrics- and data-driven approach as well as its emphasis on building strong product integrations.  

“Pype offers robust integrations and its automation takes extensive project information into account, making us more confident in our ability to reduce risk and rework,” said Peggy McGilley, IT Project Manager McCownGordon. “Pype’s ability to capture all submittals at the beginning of the project lets us not only raise RFIs early and start the closeout process sooner, but ultimately allows us to deliver the best building experience to our clients.” 

“The construction industry needs to automate manual and tedious workflows to mitigate project risk and drive productivity and quality,” added Pype CEO and co-founder Sunil Dorairajan. “We are committed to an agile approach to ensure we’re helping customers automate the workflows they need to. General contractors and trade partners alike rely on us to help them stay on schedule and contract compliant, and that’s not a responsibility we take lightly.” 

“Like McCownGordon, Pype deeply values its partnerships with other software providers,” said Satyam Verma, head of strategic partnerships at Pype. “We integrate with every major project management technology platform and we’re always adding new integrations to improve customer experiences. We will continue our dedication to strengthening the construction technology ecosystem as part of Autodesk Construction Cloud.” 

“We’ve been impressed with how Pype applies user feedback to deliver more intuitive features for our project teams,” McGilley also shared. “We see an opportunity to optimize additional processes like procurement logs, QA/QC, estimating and more using Pype.” 

“A major part of our mission at McCownGordon,” said McGilley, “is to deliver the best building experience to everyone we work with, including associates, clients, partners, and the community. Pype has shown a commitment to this mission as well, and we believe this partnership will best be reflected in these building experiences. We are proud to work with Pype on our projects.” 

About Pype 

Pype is the construction industry’s first SaaS provider for project requirement identification, submittal log creation, and project closeout. By using patented AI and machine-learning algorithms, our platforms liberate project teams from error-prone spreadsheet workflows and ensure contract compliance from precon through closeout. These cutting-edge solutions present unprecedented insights on spec and closeout data to help teams extract actionable information from specifications and plans to close communication gaps between design, construction, and operations teams. Acquired by Autodesk in 2020, Pype helps Autodesk Construction Cloud provide a higher level of quality assurance, efficiency, and risk management with Pype’s exceptionally accurate and richly integrated software technology. 

About McCownGordon 

McCownGordon Construction is recognized as one of the Midwest region’s largest construction managers with offices in both Missouri and Kansas. Focused on core values of integrity, relationships and performance, McCownGordon is committed to building collaborative partnerships and specializing in construction management, design-build, sustainable construction and general contracting. With strong experience and expertise in a variety of market sectors, the company is 100 percent employee owned and has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Kansas City by the Kansas City Business Journal for the past 16 years and ranks as a Fortune 2018 top 100 best mid-size company to work for and 2019 Best Workplaces for Millennials. More information about McCownGordon is available at

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