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Pype Expands Into Canada with Enterprise Partnership with PCL Construction

The next generation of Pype AutoSpecs takes on Canadian specs.

PCL Construction has recently entered into a multi-year enterprise-level partnership with Pype. After a successful pilot of projects using both US and Canadian specifications, the international GC has determined that Pype’s AutoSpecs solution provides both considerable value to project teams and process standardization across the organization.

“Enabling productivity gains for PCL employees through the use of smart digital technologies like Pype allows our people to better focus on our client’s pressing needs.”

Mark Bryant, Chief Information Officer at PCL

At the start of a project, AutoSpecs provides unmatched time savings when creating a highly detailed and accurate submittal register. PCL quickly found additional value when team members could put their skills to work in other areas of a project during preconstruction, build, and closeout phases because of the time saved using AutoSpecs throughout the project lifecycle.

“When quality management software and apps entered the construction industry, we were able to shift many hours of clerical work to meaningful activities like proactive quality planning, field inspections, and validation of conformance. Pype AutoSpecs is doing the same for us in the construction specification realm, allowing us to concentrate on valuable analysis and preparation of submittals logs and quality requirements,” said Alex Ramirez, Quality Manager at PCL.

Pype’s AutoSpecs software provides an intuitive interface that uses powerful AI and machine learning capabilities to solve critical construction challenges, helping to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and get projects completed faster.

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