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Relieves the Stress of Project Closeout With Pype

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When Matthew Wendel, project manager with Shook Construction, describes the challenge that comes with collecting, evaluating, and compiling turnover documentation for project closeout as a “pain point” on his projects, he echoes a sentiment shared by countless other PMs. Closeout requires cohesive effort by owners, PMs, trade partners, and other stakeholders; it necessitates a huge amount of time and energy which can have significant consequences for owner relationships and revenue if not done perfectly. It’s an enormous job, and it can eat up a PM’s nights and weekends, in addition to normal business hours which keeps teams from their primary task of building. Shook Construction identified a few specific areas that needed the focus of a fresh approach:

  • Minimizing the enormous time commitment that a tedious closeout follow-up process requires;
  • Relieving the administrative burden of creating slip sheets and assembling binders with closeout documents to present to the owners;
  • Providing owners with easily referenced turnover documentation.

Pype Closeout Streamlines Process While Maximizing Productivity 

The quicker one project closeout can be completed, the faster another can get off the ground. The automation provided by Pype Closeout allows a project team to easily shift focus from one project to the next. Insights provided by the platform make final billings and turnover a clearer and quicker process. In Shook’s case, not only did the venue open on time, but the timely turnover of closeout material reflect well on the company as a whole.

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Shook – Pype Closeout

FINAL TURNOVER PACKAGE in hours, not weeks.

“[Closeout] provided the tool I’ve wanted my entire career by building and automating the closeout log.”
– Matthew Wendel