Announcing SmartPlans: New AI Tech Compiles Data From Drawings

SmartPlans automates the process of extracting submittals and schedules from plans.

SmartPlans’ computer vision and machine learning technology reads and analyzes PDF drawings that have been uploaded to identify and compile submittals. The system also allows users to easily export product, equipment, and finish schedules to expedite their procurement log and precon planning.

This automation mitigates project risk. Built on an advanced AI engine, SmartPlans compares captured requirements to those from millions of data points in its cloud, identifying and alerting users of potentially missing critical requirements.

“SmartPlans doesn’t just help in bidding and other precon work; it’s a solution that I see my team using on a daily basis during the construction phase as well.”

SmartPlans Beta Tester &
Project Manager from a top 50 ENR contractor
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SmartPlans: Your Most Efficient Team Member

SmartPlans intelligently scans your project drawings to extract submittals and allows you to export product, equipment, and finish schedules with a click.

SmartPlans automatically links every submittal and schedule to where they are found in your plans for a quicker, more thorough review process that proactively ensures you are providing a comprehensive submittal log back to the design team for approval.

Our proprietary Al engine has been trained on thousands of projects and makes recommendations on important items that may be missing from your plans. Identifying potential gaps early can avoid change orders, RFIs, and unnecessary cost overruns.

Through our integrations, you can export your logs and schedules to major project management platforms, excel spreadsheets, and even as custom export templates for use with your workflows or proprietary PM tool.

Ready to see SmartPlans in action? Request a personalized demo to see how SmartPlans can unlock requirements earlier, avoid cost overruns, and reduce risk on your next project.

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Pype is the construction industry's first SaaS provider for submittal log management and project closeout. Over 40% of the ENR top 400 use AutoSpecs, Closeout, and SmartPlans to provide unprecedented insights on spec and closeout data, help teams extract actionable information from specifications and plans to close communication gaps between design, construction, and operations teams, and ensure a higher level of quality assurance, efficiency, and risk management on projects coast-to-coast.

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