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Submittals and product schedules, delivered

Locate and extract critical requirements from your plans automatically with SmartPlans. The onboard algorithm locates submittals and product schedules and even looks for missing requirements based on industry best practices. Actionable data lets you jumpstart the procurement log creation process and stay proactive and contract compliant on your projects. 

AI: Your most efficient team member

SmartPlans provides powerful automation using cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to intelligently read your drawings. Extracting submittals and schedules once took days, but can now be completed in less than a few hours allowing you to raise RFIs early and mitigate risk by addressing potential issues earlier. 

Your submittal safety net

It’s called SmartPlans for a reason. After extracting your submittals, schedules, and other requirements, SmartPlans compares your drawings to industry best practices and millions of similar drawing sets, looking for any potentially missing requirements. Use these flagged requirements to proactively discuss potential issues with your clients before they impact your project timeline or budget.

Jacobsen Construction Standardizes Submittal Processes Company-Wide with Pype AutoSpecs and Pype Closeout.

HITT sets a record for fastest document turnover by using Closeout.

Mortenson uses AutoSpecs to drive quality, reduce rework, and earn repeat business.

Sundt saves over $9,000 per project by using AutoSpecs.

Robins & Morton reduce risk and transfer project knowledge with AutoSpecs.

“Project closeout was a pain, but using Pype’s powerful and straightforward platform helped us standardize our closeout process. This is a quality solution that got us paid faster."

Amit Patani, Project Manager at MCN Build

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