Streamlined Project Closeout with Procore and Pype

Pype Closeout enhances Procore’s functionality without risking lost data through robust integrations and complimentary workflows.

Project closeout has been a significant pain point for project teams, trade partners, and owners for decades. The last dash to the finish line has project teams not only completing the scheduled scope of work, but also filling out punch lists, financially closing out with trades and suppliers, and gathering documents the client will need to operate their building successfully. Often with larger GCs, team members move on to the next job before finishing closeout, leaving the remaining team to do more work with fewer labor hours and higher stakes. 

Project teams and general contractors across the country like HITT, Robins & Morton, and ARCO/Murray rely on both Procore and Pype Closeout to ease this process, helping to ensure they consistently deliver high quality projects on time and on budget. These two platforms work together in a GC’s digital environment to create a cohesive closeout process without sacrificing accuracy, labor hours, or their single source of truth within Procore.  

Pype Closeout enhances Procore’s functionality without risking lost data through the robust integration Pype has built (and continues to build out) between Closeout and Procore. Our API integration features not only single-sign-on (SSO) with Procore credentials, but also a two-way sync of all submittal attachments, submittal details, submittal statuses, and contact information. This allows project teams to access Closeout with their Procore login, set up their Closeout project with information pulled directly from their Procore project, work within Closeout to collect, review, and compile documents, and have their work reflected in Procore with the click of a button. No duplicated submittal requirements, no missing documents or attachments, no complicated export-re-import–just a streamlined data sync. In fact, using the Closeout embedded app, project teams don’t even have to leave Procore to access Closeout. 

Treatment of closeout submittals.  

Closeout submittals are treated entirely separately within Closeout from action/informational submittals and other project requirements, so teams don’t have to manually filter out their closeout submittals when tracking towards project completion. This fundamental design choice opens the door for a myriad of other processes, insights, and automation opportunities that simply cannot exist in an all-encompassing project management system due to the sheer size of the PM platform’s scope. 

Automated subcontractor outreach.  

The division of closeout submittals from other submittals means Closeout’s automated email notifications to trade partners are also automatically updated to reflect only what they still have outstanding—if any. These automated emails include tracking that can show the project team if the trade partner received it and opened it, and when, providing valuable insight to whether contact information needs to be updated or if the automated cadence needs to be increased or decreased for each trade partner.  

Powerful progress tracking.  

Beyond just a more automated email system, dividing closeout submittals also means you can automatically track closeout completion and display that data on intuitive dashboards, like the ones within Pype Closeout. It takes the guesswork out of figuring out how close you are to collecting all your documents, which trade partners are actively participating and which ones need more attention, and when you can expect projects to turn over—helping to predict cash flow on an enterprise level across the entire portfolio. 

Digital turnover package.  

Even the turnover process itself is made easier by a separate closeout platform. Since Pype Closeout only tracks closeout submittals and documents, there’s no sifting through submittals to figure out which documents should be included when it comes time to compile your turnover package. There’s no need to bulk export all documentation, convert to useable file types, and manually link them all together. Instead, Closeout automatically compiles approved documents stored in its cloud into a sleek, customizable PDF turnover package with internal hyperlinks—meaning no more broken links. This package can be branded with your or your client’s logo, organized easily based on your client’s preference, and project teams can quickly add any documents they choose directly from Procore. 

Maintaining a single source of truth is vital to project success, as is a smooth closeout process that leaves the client impressed and excited to work with your company again. Pype Closeout works with Procore, not against it, to help your team deliver best-in-class results to your clients while reducing the chance of late turnover, budget overruns, and disappointed owners and facilities teams. Your work helps the client succeed; our work helps you succeed. 

Satyam Verma

Satyam Verma is a sales veteran with a penchant for startups who received his economics degree from George Mason University. He serves as Pype’s Partnership Development Manager by building valuable business collaborations and also serves as the product expert for the sales department at Pype.

Connect with Satyam on LinkedIn.

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