Taco Bell Hotel: Closeout vs. CrunchWrap

Fast food has never really appealed to me, but Taco Bell has been and will always be one of my guilty pleasures. I always make room on my plate and in my life to “live más”; in fact, the path to my heart is forever paved with bricks of Crunchwrap Supremes and mortar of nacho cheese! Imagine my excitement, then, upon discovering that Taco Bell is opening a resort in Palm Springs called “The Bell.

This time last year, my first thought would have been “Oh my gosh, I could eat my Crunchwrap Supreme on an inflatable Crunchwrap Supreme in a pool filled with Baja Blast!? Where do I sign up?”

And those thoughts did cross my mind, but not at first. Six months of being a Customer Success Manager at Pype led to a different train of thought: “Who’s the GC on this? What do their specs look like? How many trades do they have? When are they closing out? How can we help save them time?”

Don’t get me wrong—about a minute later my mind wandered back to the warmth of melted queso and I signed up with 11 different email accounts to get news about The Bell. But it’s crazy that only after half a year of working in AEC, I’m thinking “Closeout” before “Crunchwrap.”

Sadly, my dreams of being wrapped up in this project seem as fleeting as my actual dreams of being wrapped up in a giant flour tortilla—The Bell is only a temporary popup hotel, taking over an existing resort space in Palm Springs.

If you happen to be the construction manager on this project, and there’s enough reno to make closeout worrisome, please let me help. It would be the highlight of my career to be a part of such a masterpiece of AEC, maybe even my life!

And yes, you can pay me in tacos.

Staci Webber

As Customer Success Manager, Staci brings over 7 years of SaaS, Sales, and Account Management experience to Pype. A diehard Hokie, Staci has decided to venture into the AEC world despite having more interest in climbing the stairs at TOTs down at Virginia Tech rather than wondering how those stairs were built.

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