FAQs: Pype’s Acquisition by Autodesk

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FAQs: Pype’s Acquisition by Autodesk

Based on feedback from our customers, we've put together this brief FAQ to give you more information on how Pype will be moving forward as part of Autodesk.

WEBINAR: Closeout From Day One | ARCO/Murray and Pype

Hear ARCO/Murray share how Pype Closeout and Procore help them start closing out early, mitigate risk, and exceed client expectations.

Product Update: Enhanced Closeout Sync with Procore

One of the most requested features from our Procore users has been a two-way submittal integration between Procore and Pype Closeout.

WEBINAR: Next Generation Data Insights With PCL and Egnyte

Jump into PCL’s Job Site Insights and see how a top ENR GC tracks and acts on data from the field.

Preconstruction Webinar – Planning for Success

Join industry experts as they discuss the impact a successful precon strategy can have throughout the entire project lifecycle.

WEBINAR: Pype + Procore Integrations

Learn how Pype and Procore together can increase efficiencies in your projects and help achieve full contract compliance from preconstruction through closeout.

Go With The Data Flow: How Integrations Grow Your Business

Pype's CTO explains the necessity of including software integrations early on in software development, and urges other tech provides to follow suit.

Pype and Procore: Smart Integrations for Successful GCs

Pype’s partnership with Procore runs deep, and it shows in our platforms. To continue innovating together, we met with the Procore family at their California headquarters.

WEBINAR: The Impact of Submittals on Project Outcomes

Understanding your project’s submittals is one of the most fundamental steps towards reducing project risk.

New Integration with Egnyte Facilitates Better Turnover Experience

Syncing Pype eBinder with Egnyte enables you to access and transfer project documents stored in Egnyte Connect directly into Pype eBinder.

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