The Weekly Dig: AutoSpecs UI Update

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The What

Earlier this month, Pype dropped a major overhaul to the User Interface (UI) in AutoSpecs. Following in the steps of Pype Closeout’s UI update in March, it was high time for AutoSpecs to get a face lift of its own. The most immediately-noticeable of these changes are the color palette—ousting the brown and tan for a sleek “metallic theme” that matches the new Closeout. However, astute users will also notice a streamlined dashboard view, merging the “Totals” rows with the names of the sections, removing the hyperlink icons adjacent to each link, and a more coherent color palette for the sections of the pie charts.

The How

The methodology in choosing the new color palette and streamline look was simple: did it accurately reflect the level of cutting edge technology that Pype is creating? A fresh, modern interface allows the platform to feel as fast and easy to use as it actually is. It’s the difference between driving a sports car and driving a minivan with a sports car’s engine.

The Why

These changes help to bring a consistent user experience across all of Pype’s platforms. Keeping the same color palette and information layout across multiple platforms can help set expectations and prevent confusion. Think of it like the difficulties PC users have navigating a Mac computer, and vice versa—both have nearly identical functions, but getting to those functions is very different. We sought to avoid this by elevating the look of AutoSpecs to match Closeout, but maintaining the familiar AutoSpecs functionality.

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Jason Gilligan

A newcomer to the construction tech industry, Jason has a background in content creation and brings a fresh perspective to Pype. A graduate of George Mason's film department, Jason uses both written and visual mediums to share information.

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