The Weekly Dig: AWS Migration

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Cloud services provide businesses all the benefits of a massive server room without any of the work to maintain it. These servers act as storage for thousands and thousands of terabytes of data, as well as provide the incredible amount of processing power needed to make use of it. Pype has always utilized cloud services to ensure that our platforms run smoothly, quickly, and accurately. To further improve our platforms, we have recently migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Following months of work by a few of our key developers, we successfully relocated all of our data and rerouted all of our computer processes to servers in the AWS cloud system. This transition, while seamless for end users, required our team to code migration scripts for the move—miniature programs that allowed our old servers to send data and information to the new cloud all without anything being lost or corrupted.


While the transition itself may have gone unnoticed by our users, the results won’t be. AWS provides a much larger storage solution with much greater processing power, meaning we’re able to store more data and act on it more efficiently in our platforms. For machine-learning software like SmartPlans, more data will be saved for the program to study and learn from, and the software will scan users’ drawings at a much faster rate. The end result of this is quick and accurate software that teaches itself to be even quicker and even more accurate. Pype never settles for second best in our software, and that’s why we chose a cloud solution that never settles for second best, either.

Jason Gilligan

A newcomer to the construction tech industry, Jason has a background in content creation and brings a fresh perspective to Pype. A graduate of George Mason's film department, Jason uses both written and visual mediums to share information.

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