The Weekly Dig: Closeout Update – Scanning Specs & Pulling Reqs

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Users may have noticed a variety of new features in Pype Closeout recently, including the flagship feature of the May Closeout Product Update: the ability to pull your closeout requirements directly from your specs. We spoke with Prab Poreddy, the Senior Technical Product Manager at Pype, about this new feature.

How were the closeout requirements pulled before this update?

Prab Poreddy (P): It was several days worth of back-and-forth between our Customer Success team and the client. When you [as a client] were onboarded with Closeout, we asked for a PDF of your spec book, which you would have to find and send to us. We would then take that spec book, run it through AutoSpecs, and send the closeout requirements into your Pype Closeout project. If the specs weren’t a full IFC set, then we’d begin with the early divisions and scopes of work, backfilling the rest as the specs are updated—meaning you would be sending us every updated spec book in addition to first copy you sent.

How does this happen now, after the update?

P: Now it’s far less complicated. The user uploads the spec book into Pype Closeout, and Pype’s AI identifies closeout requirements, and generating the closeout log for your team in a matter of minutes.

Isn’t that what AutoSpecs does?

P: AutoSpecs generates a complete project submittal log, which is much more than a closeout log. Although Pype Closeout leverages our patented algorithm from AutoSpecs, it purposely leaves out submittals that are irrelevant to closeout.

The old way wasn’t broke, so why fix it?

P: Specifically in this case, it gives GCs broader control in setting up the project, generating closeout logs, and assigning submittals to subs. They can reach out to Pype’s customer success team at any time, but they’re no longer a required step in the process. This is a huge time saver for everyone, but especially for GCs who can now start project closeout the moment they are ready. Generally speaking, Pype continues to move forward. The horse-drawn carriage wasn’t broke, but it wasn’t a ferrari either.

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