The Weekly Dig: Closeout Update – Tracking Project Activity

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The What

Accompanying Pype Closeout’s new spec-scanning ability, this new update to Closeout provides users an overview of their project’s overall activity. Closeout submittal revisions, closeout progress, and subcontractor performance can all be viewed quickly and easily in Project Activity, and exported to share across teams.

The How

The Project Activity view shows all activity in chronological order across every closeout submittal and sub, and can be filtered down to just one sub or requirement type. This timeline shows the change histories of closeout submittals in the filtered category. With the click of a button, GCs can view when closeout submittals were received, when they were approved or kicked back, and when a new version was re-uploaded. They can also view specific detail for each closeout submittal, such as who reviewed which submittals, what feedback was given, and when this all took place.

The Why

This full visibility used to only be accessible within each requirement, meaning GCs would have to go through each one, one at a time, to view all of the history. Now, not only is this available as an overview of the project, but this information can be compiled and exported into different reports. These PDF and excel reports can be tailored for Project Executives or VPs to quickly assess closeout across individual or multiple projects, for subcontractors to be notified of their own submittal progress, or to create a quick reference sheet for owners regarding warranties and emergency contacts to include in your turnover package. This clarity is especially valuable in case of litigation following a project, providing an accurate, time-stamped record of activity.

Jason Gilligan

A newcomer to the construction tech industry, Jason has a background in content creation and brings a fresh perspective to Pype. A graduate of George Mason's film department, Jason uses both written and visual mediums to share information.

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