Time Better Spent: How 12 Top Contractors Roll Back the Clock

By far, the most immediate benefit Pype users see is the time savings. From precon to closeout, our AI software performs tedious, manual tasks with lightning speed and unparalleled accuracy. Just how much time can you save with our platforms? We asked a dozen of our GC partners to find out.

Pype AutoSpecs automatically scans your spec book, creates a comprehensive submittal register complete with mock ups, QA/QC requirements, tests and inspections, LEED data, product data, and more, with a customizable export directly into your PM software—all within minutes. It’s no wonder GCs across the country have found incredible time savings with AutoSpecs.

Robins & Morton found that AutoSpecs reduced the time it took to create and review their submittal log from 30 days down to just two—over 90% time savings.

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Warfel Construction spent 115 to 120 hours just making their submittal log, not including the time spent reviewing it. With AutoSpecs, this dropped to five minutes—leaving plenty of time for review.

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McCarthy Building Companies typically spent between three days and three weeks creating submittal logs, and AutoSpecs reduced that to just eight hours, or a 200-500% increase in efficiency.

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Stiles Construction reduced the time it took to create their submittal log by 80%, changing their two-week process into a ten minute process (plus a few hours to review).

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Rogers-O’Brien Construction reduced the amount of time they invested into their submittal log creation by 80%, spending just a fifth of the time on the log now as they did previously.

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Jacobsen Construction saw a stunning 90% reduction in the time they spent creating their submittal log, dropping their 30 hours process down to 3 hours.

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Okland Construction was an earlier adopter of AutoSpecs, and has been able to save two weeks on every project thanks to our platform.

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The return on investment we see at Mortenson is not necessarily to eliminate a Project Manager from this task, but to deliver a high quality product to our customers that allows us to have more repeatable business.

Alison Hart
Manager of Project Solutions

The closeout phase of a project demands that project teams do more (punch lists, document collection, financial closeout, etc.) with fewer team members. Pype Closeout and Pype eBinder automates the document collection and turnover package compilation processes by automatically notifying all of your trade partners of their specific closeout requirements, organizing closeout documents uploaded by those trade partners directly to the platform, and compiling all of your approved documents into a streamlined, hyperlinked, digital turnover package PDF. This lets project teams focus on other aspects of project closeout, helping them turnover faster and receive their retention monies sooner.

Layton Construction successfully used Pype Closeout and eBinder to shave off two weeks from their project closeout process.

Read the Layton Construction Case Study >>

MCN Build spent 10-15 hours a week contacting trades, reviewing documents, and organizing their closeout process. Using Pype Closeout, they spend only 2-3 hours a week on project closeout and still maintain high quality turnover packages.

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Foulger-Pratt became one of Pype Closeout’s first enterprise partners after they saw their closeout process reduced from six months down to just two.

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Pype came along and we started using their products. That time that was spent compiling those 17,000 documents was cut down basically in half, if not a quarter.

Matt Zebell
Assistant Project Manager

Pype has given us the opportunity to turn over these documents faster than our competition, and much faster than we’ve ever done in the past. I actually recently had a client reach out to me and say that we set a record within their organization for how quickly we turned over our closeout package to them.

Chris Jewell
Project Manager

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